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Nest Incorporated is a Not-for-Profit Organization of citizens and friends who share common ideas relating to humanity, charity and culture from the former Yugoslavia. Its mission is to increase cultural awareness, build bridges and connect people through cultural activities, theatre, music, art and sports.

In its humanitarian role association NEST Inc. organizes the annual amateur tennis tournament “Australian Closed”, from which all proceeds are benefiting children in need.
Australian Closed is held every year in January the week end before the Australian Open Grand Slam tennis tournament. It is a fun family friendly event which gives everyone the opportunity to enjoy a cultural and sporty week end, as well as a friendly tennis competition.
So far we have worked with a number of orphanages and humanitarian associations across Bosnia & Herzegovina and Serbia.
Our mission is not to provide finances: we rather chose to assist by providing specific goods which are needed for a particular organization in need.

We also organize two weekly activities: our Social Evenings on Tuesdays, and our Sports Evenings on Fridays.

Those evenings are great ways of connecting people and sharing time, and thus reducing social isolation by stimulating people’s involvement in the community.
At Nest Inc. we also care about community and well-being.

We at Nest Inc. are looking forward to meeting new individuals who share similar ideas and interests and are willing to participate, support or simply offer suggestions.

We welcome everyone to our activities.

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It takes so little to be kind

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