Completion of Our 2019 Charity Action

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Following the donation made to Royal Far West and the delivery of training goods to our judo athlete Mila Petrovic, we are extremely proud to announce that we have completed our goals for this 2019 Nest Inc. Charity Action.

On 12/08/2019 we have delivered to Centar Zvezda/Star Center the much awaited laser cutting and engraving machine (JQ 9060).
We are all excited about what’s ahead for the youth at Centar Zvezda as this new machine will allow them to expand their product offer, and therefore target a wider customer base.
All benefits from the products manufactured by residents of the Houses of Opportunities contribute to a self-sustainable ecosystem and independent funding of Centar Zvezda, as well as providing those youth lifetime skills and social guidance for their adult years after leaving the social care system.

We are hopeful that the use of this laser engraving device will generate revenue which will allow the opening of many more (and much needed) Houses of Opportunities.

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