Updates On Our 2019 Charity Campaign

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The first stage of our charity campaign for 2019 was achieved with a donation of AU$2,000 to Royal Far West which will be directed to their programs that support children’s development, learning and health. We are helping their team of specialists to assess, diagnose and provide dedicated therapies – so country kids can thrive and reach their full potential.

We are now stoked to announce that the second stage of our charity action was succesfully completed.
Thanks to your donations and the funds raised during Australian Closed 2019, we were able to deliver the much needed sporting goods to our little protege and judo champion Mila Petrovic.

The whole lot consisted of:

  • A treadmill
  • A medicine ball
  • A weight lifting bar with its set of weights
  • A set of kettlebells
  • A fitness roller
  • A hand grip exerciser
  • High Performance sports nutrition and vitamins
  • Exercising clothes

Mila was overwhelmed with the delivered goods and was very proud to showcase them to our photographer.

Thank you Mila for being such a great champion. We are very proud of you and we look forward to many of your future successes.Stay tuned for more news about our charity campaign for 2019 as we are finalizing a delivery for Centar Zvezda (Star Centre) in the next weeks to come.

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